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interview with Nikola Kalinic, Serbian basketball player as he shares his view on Covid-19

Learn about a Different perspective on covid-19 from our Interview with Nikola

We asked Nikola how he spent his days during the Covid-19 pandemic, what are his views on it, what changed for him and what he learnt from it.


Nikola Kalinic:

“Well, I’ve done a lot of thinking, I realized that I was (like many others) hurrying everywhere without much need. There is time for everything. Modern way of living is forcing us to seek, to hustle, to do as much as we can in one day, which is great and making us very productive, but sometimes we all should stop for a bit, relax, chill, watch the sky, drink coffee in silence or whatever you like to do and just enjoy in the moment.

Also, during the lockdown, I reconnected with my family and friends. I took time to listen and chat with them, to get back into their daily life. I had plans of learning how to play an instrument, but honesty, I still didn’t touch it. There is time for that. 🙂

A bad habit that I developed is that I started going to sleep later.

I thought about freedom and health too. Freedom of movement, traveling, breathing the air without masks, hugging people, kissing people, going out, practicing and playing sports, all the small things that makes life great. At least mine.

I started cooking much more and it tastes pretty good. I started to meditate, to give a chance to that ancient routine. We will see how it will go. So far it is very relaxing and tranquillizing. Namaste. 🙂

Regarding my close family and friends, I am always trying to think about them, buy them gifts, organize vacations, do all of that, but after this quarantine period I think I’ll make one big outdoor picnic or a party with all of them.

I am going to try to live more in harmony with nature. Obviously, the old way wasn’t working. We all, as humans, must realize that we are not the bosses of this planet, we are just one of the many species on it and we should be much more careful how we are treat nature and the planet.


Let us know all take something positive from what Nikola shared with us. How is it that we are treating our planet? Can we do better?

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