What is Mohanji Youth Club (MYC)?

Our mission

Empower youth to explore and express their full potential beyond the limitations of the mind.

our motto

Be good. Do good.

our vision

A boundless world of love, kindness and respect with youngsters contributing to a peaceful coexistence of all beings and species.

Our story

Mohanji Youth Club is a global youth network which exists to empower and inspire fellow youngsters to live authentic, positive and purpose-driven lives. 

It is inspired by work and teachings of the world renowned philanthropist Mohanji.
MYC gathers members of registered Mohanji youth clubs from different countries.
Activities in each country are adapted to the local culture and context.
All youngsters (aged 14-29) are welcome to join existing youth clubs and therefore join the global family-like community.

Overall Aim

Create and maintain a worldwide family-like community of youngsters.


• Various informal educational programs (trainings, seminars, workshops), including learning through experience and real life situations;
• Summits and meetings with our members and people/associations with whom we cooperate
• Getaways on a regular basis (retreats, parties, hangouts) to enjoy being together in a loving and harmonious atmosphere
• Annual MYC summit, various uplifting concerts, programs and global (motivating) public events.

Areas of interests

Education, social impact, non-violence, yoga, meditation, communication, organic agriculture, recycling, nutrition, sport, ecology, natural cosmetics, social games, technology, (spiritual) literature, networking, dancing, languages, leadership, journalism, creative writing, music…


Friendship & Solidarity – We always remember that we are united. We don’t make comparisons because in essence, there is no separation.
Acceptance & Understanding – Adopting a non-judgmental attitude, being loving, caring and compassionate towards all.
Diversity – Everyone has their own “special skills” – we see and acknowledge that. Members are taking part in projects they feel comfortable with and which they are passionate about.
Commitment, Consistency, Conviction, Courage – The 4 C’s : The ingredients of a fulfilled existence.
Integrity – Acting with absolute honesty, according to our “gut feeling”, knowing that we will be accepted no matter what.
Humility – “Whenever you think you are smarter than others, be careful. God is smarter than you. Everything has a price to pay. Be aware.”
Communication – Creating and maintaining harmonious, respectful and inspiring interactions within the community as well as outside of it. Being a good listener.
Selflessness – Living for the world. Unconditional love is our goal.
Punctuality – We work in respect of everyone’s time and appreciate a well-organized schedule.
Flexibility – We do not strictly bind ourselves to something and are able to improvise and adapt to the always-changing energy flows.
Humour – Because life is, after all, just a joke. 🙂