Country Named Earth

Uniting the World of Diversity.

Planet Earth is a perfect epitome of unity, uniqueness and diversity.
What has the human race done? Created borders, boundaries, castes, religions, partition. 

Youngsters from different countries and cultures face different challenges. Some are wealthy, some are not, some cry for an Iphone, some for water. But, common to all of them is that they cry, laugh, they are sad, happy, worried. Nobody is higher or lower, nobody is equal, everybody is unique. Everybody has their story.

It is our intention to display the unity and the diversity of the entire planet through audio-visual projections, and therefore create a compassionate, non-judgmental, understanding future-generation, based on respect and unity.

Use your talents and become a part of this project. We are inviting you to share your poems, short stories, photographs, paintings, digital art and other artworks.

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Be a part of Country Named Earth, use your talents to inspire others.
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