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Novelties in the MYC program

New and empowering program schedule starts from tomorrow, Tuesday, 16th June 2020

Hello, dear friends!

Great news is that Mohanji Youth Club is starting with a new program schedule beginning from tomorrow, Tuesday, 16th June 2020.

We will offer a variety of activities from meditations, creative workshops, guests who will discuss carefully chosen empowering topics, videos of preparing delicious vegan food to ecology and more!

Our goal with this expanded program is to help you explore yourself and your talents, hence we have covered several areas of interest.

One of our main focuses is your well-being and so we remind you that it is very important to be yourself and be natural at all times. As long as you have nothing to do with violence in thoughts, words or actions, express yourself freely with humility and gratitude!

As Mohanji says, “If you are natural, if you are spontaneous, if you are yourself, nothing stays as a problem.”

Keep going forward, keep walking and work towards becoming the best version of yourself!