MYC Serbia #trashtag action in Belgrade

Hello our dear friends!


We are happy to inform that MYC team from Serbia this weekend participated in a wonderful action in Belgrade, with the purpose to spread the awareness of waste-free living.
We gathered with a local team named Zero Waste and cleaned one of the neighborhoods in Belgrade for two hours and we have to tell you what an amazing and eye-opening feeling that was! Families came with their children and there was around 30 of us that day collecting around 50kg of garbage!

MYC globally will join this action a few times a month and we want to invite you to do the same in your city! Talk to your friends, family members or colleagues about how to live a waste-free life and inspire them to do the same!

A few basic tips you can implement on a daily basis:
⁃ Instead of plastic bags and cups use glass or metal ones; instead of plastic bags use cloth bags
⁃ If you are smokers, dispose your cigarette buds into trash cans instead of leaving them in the street
⁃ When buying fresh veggies or fruit, avoid buying them in packages- instead buy them on fresh food market from local farmers

It would be wonderful if share photos or videos of your action, with the purpose of reaching out to many more people and raising the awareness of how our everyday consumption can affect the Planet (for better or worse).