Mohanji Youth Club conducted its first weekend program in Belgrade!

The Transformative Education program is designed to empower and motivate young people to reach their full potential, both in their daily lives and in their long-term goals.
The first day started with a morning of yoga, led by Monica. After yoga various workshops followed:
  • “Eco-transformation” presented by Tea 
  • “Compassion as a transformative method” presented by Mina
  • “The Power of Transformation” by Ivana
  • “Power of affirmation” by Milica
The participants were very excited to get acquainted with new lifestyles as well as with people who had already undergone transformations. We ended the day by watching the movie “Game Changers”, which addresses the topic of veganism in the lives of celebrity athletes.
The second day began with Conscious Walk, led by Dragana. It helped participants enhance focus for the following, very intensive workshop. Sanja’s “Emotional Transformation” training is dedicated to emotional development, identifying habits that do not serve us and developing self-awareness and self-love. The day ended with a meditation on “The Blossoming of Love” and a talk on newly acquired knowledge. The participants seemed visibly satisfied and resolved to continue working on themselves.

Thank you Mohanji for allowing us to have this platform