Join Sara Bulatović this Sunday, on 28th June 2020, for a refreshing interview on her life story driven by selflessness and persistence

In the busy world that we live in we often chase the success imposed on us by the system and forget to enjoy and be grateful for the small things in life. We forget to express our true nature and live our purpose.

There are always people who are like sunshine to the world, who can give us hope to believe in humanity and strength to overcome the obstacles of life.

Sara is that person. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sara is a very unique and powerful young lady. Her story is inspiring to many.

She spends her days in a wheelchair but her optimism, clarity and hope seem to never fade away. Together with her mom, she often feeds hungry kids, as many people from the place they live in don’t have funds for the basic needs.

Joyful about her future, she serves the world unconditionally. She is a loving soul and regardless of the difficulties she may be facing in life, the love that she shares with the world is truly magical.

Let’s stop for a second and be grateful for everything that we have, start reminding ourselves that nothing really belongs to us in the material world and that we can be free from all the binding concepts and mind-created barriers and spread unconditional love wherever we go, just like Sara does.

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