English language classes at Mohanji Ka Aangan in Pune with Antra

We are thrilled and humbled to share with you that Mohanji Youth Club member, Antra (from India), visited the Mohanji Ka Aangan (Ammucare Charitable Trust‘s project) in Pune yesterday, and started conducting English language classes for the little ones. 
She shares her experience:

“Learning a new language can be a daunting task. And teaching one can be even more so. But if the process is fun and creative, it can be enriching for both the learner and the teacher. The volunteers at Mohanji ka Aangan Pune have already taught the kids a lot of basic articles of the English and Hindi languages. Fruits, body parts, Animals. But to further ingrain various words and phrases that will enhance the children’s vocabulary as well as understanding we conducted a fun lesson. We assigned a random array of words that had been taught to each student and asked them to illustrate it. For this they first had to draw on their memory of what the word actually meant and then imagine and create it. It was something totally new for them and some of them were confused for a while. Of course we were there to guide them through the entire activity. But quite a few kids drew their assigned words with lightening speed and astonishing accuracy and skill. It was amazing seeing the most creative interpretations of “house”, “star”, “dog”, “pot” among many others. Learning a language can definitely be a lot of fun!”

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