Counseling conversations with psychologist and therapist Olja Ivanovic Vladusic

Do you feel an urge to talk to someone about the mental problems you might feel? You feel like letting something off of your chest and receiving a positive advice?

Together with Olja, MYC has organised free psychological counselling and conversations for the youth of this world that aim to help you and inspire you on the path to stabilizing and achieving a happier state where you are comfortable with yourself and life around you.

Olja Ivanovic Vladusic is our volunteer, a psychologist, systemic family therapist, counselor in the field of personal development, parenting, overcoming life crises and finding life balance. These conversations will help you to cope with everyday obstacles and have more confidence about yourself.

Please note that we have limited spaces. To apply, please fill in the form HERE, and if the number of applied crosses over the number we can admit for counselling at present, we will have to go through a selection process. For more information, feel free to write to us at or DM us.

We live in a very unstable world and now more that ever it is important to work on ourselves, stay stable and spread light. Let’s find the inner peace and happiness and spread it everywhere we go!