A piece of Sunshine

On April 12th 2021, MYC visited the lovely Sunshine orphanage in Luxor, upper Egypt, where we donated food for ramadan for 62 youngsters who are taken care of by the orphanage. 
We were welcomed by Sayeed, an amazing human being and one of the first babies that was taken care of in this orphanage. He is now 26 years old and dedicates all his time and energy in making the Sunshine ☀️ family smiling and happy. 
Sayeed took us through the boy’s building first, explained the touching story of the project and how it came to life almost 30 years ago, and taking care of more than 100 people so far.  
We then went to the girl’s building located a few minutes away and got the chance to spend some time with them too. 
We can say that MYC is very honoured to have met the Sunshine family and that we are looking forward to collaborating in the future for the empowerment of youth!